Fun Science Workshop & Club Content

What topics are covered in our Fun Science Club?


Every week we tackle a new topic, and during our short six week terms we typically cover a broad range of biology, chemistry and physics. I have developed content to cover one academic year without repeating the same thing twice! I am so very lucky to have regulars who return every term! Sometimes for the more popular topics like slime, I revisit but from a different angle-e.g: magnetic slime, oobleck, etc.


My content is generally unplugged! There are fantastic clubs offering technology subjects and coding, but its not what I do. I decided content based on two important factors:


 1. What I think is critical for children to start to learn about, and answer questions their passionate curiosity may have already wondered about. How clouds are made? What is in the middle of the Earth? How do planes fly?  Why do boats float? What does my heart do?.......the list is infinite!


2.I also choose topics that celebrate the science in everyday things, to help see the world in a whole new way! Such topics include exploring yeast and making pizza dough to see it in action(and eat it later).  Slime and its chemistry is always a hit! Catapult design challenges out of everyday objects develop creative thinking.


Each class involves exploring a topic in the most hands on, interactive way. It varies so much! Sometimes we work individually, sometimes as small groups or a couple of teams. We do everything from experiments, to demonstrations, design challenges, games, competitions, and model creation.


Everyone attends science club for a different reason, some for fun, some because they heard the word slime mentioned, and some have a real passion for learning science facts! Whatever the reason I aim to please with hands on science fun every week, and a leaflet to take home. This leaflet is there to supplement club learning, and includes new science terms, video link recommendations and a “home fun” section. Some kids will colour it in, others will study it from cover to cover! The clubs are really an entry point into a new topic, from which they can delve into much more information if they want to!


Frequently the clubs involve something that you can bring home-a science related creation, an experiment to conduct at home, etc. My aim is for the club to entertain your child for much longer than the hour they are with me for (and possibly make a mess at home too)!


I also include a quick movement break at some point or intervals, depending on the group. Workshops are three hours in duration, and usually focus on one topic, explored in depth. The workshops are a lot of fun, a real scientific blast!

I love what I do, and greatly appreciate feedback-it is how I improve and grow. If there is anything you would like to see covered in the club, or any changes please let me know!