What should I pack for my child attending A W?

Workshops are at least three hours long so for this I request that a packed nut free lunch and drink is brought

What should my child wear?

Old clothes are fine! Just in case there is a splash of food dye/slime, etc.. I provide lab coats but you never know how big the explosions will be!

What topics are covered?

I cover a very broad range of science topics-biology, chemistry, physics. Everything from Dinosaurs, Slime, Volcanoes, Crime Scene Investigation, Forces of Flight, all the cool stuff! 

What is the aim of the workshop/class?

To delight and inspire using science. To encourage a scientific way of thinking-which children are naturally good at! "What happens if I add this to this? Why? " etc! I aim to ignite an interest in science, by creating positive​ associations through these classes and workshops.

My child requires a Special Needs Assistant in school, can they attend?

I aim to be as inclusive as possible, so yes they are very welcome, as long as someone comes with them to attend to these additional needs. Please call to discuss further.

Do you take photos?

During the workshops I ask parents and guardians if they consent to a photo of their child being taken. Then, if there is time I take a photo of each child with their science creation! . I then send these individually to the number listed on the contact form for them. The photo is taken for the sole purpose to give to a childs parent/guardian. The original is deleted and never shared with a third party. Show Me Science rescinds ownership of these images.