Free stuff!!!

Some of the science menu options come with a freebie for the audience members-check them out below!

We explore pH through making sherbet. Everyone gets some in a tub and a lolly too!

The take home treat from this is slime! WARNING: slime is the ultimate mess maker! Remember wash hands after handling, and do not eat it!!!!

As you know, Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling is the way forward. I'm a big fan of reusing, especially if it can entertain my kids for a while!

Here are few ideas for new ways to use the tub when done with original contents:

A boat for bath time-add a sail with blue tac, a lollypop stick and paper to make pirates flag!

A shoe holder for dolls shoes-Does anyone else find Barbies shoes everywhere?!

Earring holder for Mammy-decorate with stickers, gems , glue on paper, etc.

Temporary container for examining insects-put in an air hole or two

Moneybox for toothfairy stash!

IMG_20181009_100911 (1).jpg

Another great way to explore pH! We all get to make a bath bomb with optional biodegradable glitter and an essential oil to make it a sensational experience at home later! 

We make a cast each of a fossil from my collection, and it will air dry in a day. Leave in a warm dry place. Option to add glitter-make fossils fabulous! You can paint it with acrylic paint at home once dry or add a small hole to make a necklace/hanging decoration. This one is Tilly , an extinct trilobite.