It makes cents to Go Green!

Show Me Science goes Green

I volunteered for the wonderful An Táisce Climate Ambassador programme last year. It is a great opportunity, that I would recommend to anyone. I learned a lot about climate change, in a fun, accessible way, with a di

verse and enthusiastic group of like-minded individuals, all on our own journeys to becoming greener, and some further along than others. Part of my role as Climate Ambassador is to take those learnings, and share them, start conversations, and so on. I decided to set up an Instagram page, @irishmammygoesgreen and share daily going green tips.

It would be foolish to limit my making green changes to my personal life, and so I am sharing where I am at with going green for Show Me Science!

Single-use plastic: I bulk buy, and have a considerable supply of single-use, recyclable plastic tubs and lids. While I always encouraged that these be washed out and re-used, that is no longer enough. I will use up my considerable stock, and will not be purchasing them in future. I plan to use washed out jam jars and similar reuse items instead. I also have plastic Pasteur pipettes (plastic is ubiquitous!) so once that stock runs dry I will transition onto the glass pipettes.

Paper use: I created print out leaflets for each club when I began Show Me Science, but now it is time to move on to soft copy or digital alternatives to save paper, energy, and ink. I will still print for necessary activities in class, and double-sided where feasible. I also no longer print piles of flyers, opting for a few posters and banners I reuse instead.

Vehicle: Electric as soon as I can :)

Educating: I am developing a club on environmental issues and how we can make a difference, sharing what I have learned, in a fun and accessible way

These are the simple small changes I am making. Wherever you work, perhaps take a minute to see where things can be improved upon. Greener options also often have a cost-saving benefit. it certainly makes "cents" to Go Green!

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