Eight essential tips for running a science party!

Updated: Feb 5

So, you’ve done the play zone party, the bouncing castle party, the dress-up party. Before you run out of themes, I highly recommend a science party! Setting a theme for parties makes the planning and decision making around sourcing items a much easier process.

Set the tone: The critical ingredient for a party hit is a fantastic theme applied to every aspect of the party. With science parties, it should start at the front door-a sign to set the mood, such as the examples below:

Invitations and Decorations: There are many incredible online free printing options for science parties these days that can be printed as invites and turned into bunting with some tape and twine. Or dedicate an arts and crafts afternoon with your kids to creating the decorations. Part of the fun of a party lies in its preparation!

Cake: There are a host of birthday cake options; professionally made will always look amazing. But you don’t need to splurge to have an amazing cake, there are budget-friendly alternatives, including custom printed rice paper toppings for a cake you make and decorate(or delegate this job to the family member with cake skills, each family usually has one!)

Snacks and beverages: Create a unique food offering with a science twist! Create fun labels, use whatever props that are food safe at home to use.

Entertainment: At the heart of all good parties is a happy birthday boy or girl, who gets a bit more fuss and attention than everyone else, and parents who have the breathing space to talk to other parents, possibly even sit down and have a cup of coffee….(be still my beating heart!) To take the stress out of parties, where possible, a science entertainer such as Show Me Science is a great idea. It makes the day unique and memorable, and it frees up a solid hour and a half for you to talk to friends and family. If you are on a budget, there are many simple activities that you can manage easily at a party, slime making, etc. Future posts will feature some ideas! Traditional parties games like musical statues can be renamed musical scientists, and pass the parcel can contain token science toy items. A science quiz for older kids is also heaps of fun.

Goodie bags: With science parties its nice if the participants get to keep what they make....with Show Me Science parties the goodie bag, and its contents are included in Show Me Science package!

The Eco points:

  • Where possible, choose less single-use plastic.

  • Opt for reusable options

  • Keep food waste to a minimum by freezing leftover birthday cake in portions.

  • Choose suppliers who are working towards sustainability goals.

  • Turn off bouncing castles, sound systems, etc., when not in use.

Health and Safety: in these uncertain post covid19 times it remains important to provide sanitiser at key points , limit numbers, keep the party area well ventilated, and so on.

it is also important to pay attention to any allergy or medical information that may be relevant for children attending, such as nut allergies.

And there you have it, all sorted. Until next time........

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