Science Club & Workshop Fun!

 My goal is for each participant to develop an understanding of scientific thinking and approach, in a fun, informal manner. Please send your young scientist to explore new topics weekly!

In order for the club to run, I need a minimum of 10 young scientists per session(maximum 12) so please help spread the word! This club is for 7-12 year olds.



Clubs are not running at present due to Covid 19, but I am busy creating new content for when I can return!Please like my facebook and instagram to keep up to date with future events!

Topics for the 12 weeks include:

Super Slime - Brilliant Botany - Sunny Solar System - Boats and Buoyancy - Doctor in Training - Fantastic Food Science

Bubble Bonanza - Cool Catapults and Bridges - Earth Exploration – Dinosaurs -Wonderful Water Part Two - Under the Microscope